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Today is the day!

Maltalora, Apr 9, 12 6:04 PM.
BH Members,

    I would proudly like to present the first day of this website being open to the 'public' or basically yourselves! It is still in that ugly inbetween stage where nothing really matches and things are a little off. Expect some serious changes and dramatic color swaps! We do have a 'Suggestion Box' type thread available, so post away! Good and bad we need it all!

Welcome to all the new members, there has been quite a few found! It's very VERY exciting to see new faces on during the evening and morning. :) Makes all the work we want to put into the guild a heck of a tonne more worth it! We do everything we do to make this the best atmosphere possible! :)

I will be posting quite a few new posts here as the days go by and we get things organized, so keep up to date and maybe you'll get a little gift ;)

~Your GM, Maltalora.

Welcome to our Website!

Maltalora, Apr 2, 12 1:40 PM.
Brewed Honor began shortly after Snacks and I came to Skywall. After some motions that we'd never get the guild charter even SIGNED let alone run a guild we did it! Charter was signed and our character numbers were growing. Mind you, the majority are our own characters, this matters very little!

We hope to get all of our own characters to level 85, by doing this we learn each class from top to bottom and will soon after 85 get all of the professions between the two of us alone. With that and any interested applications we can easily grow and become the casual raiding guild we will strive to be.

As it is we are still level 1, with a whole bar of experience in.
Thanks to those who helped with the first bar!

We have a few bank tabs, none of which are available below the rank of Officer.
If, for any reason, you wish to withdraw an item please contact either Snacks or myself and we'd be more than happy too help you out. Depending on the item there may be some questions, as we are starting out and want to grow the items we have, not diminish them right away.

Thanks to my loving husband Snacks, who has been here through the whole of this guild and server transfer. You have been amazing and very cool, can't wait to give you the raids and PvP you deserve sweetie~

Malorile, Guild Master

PS. Welcome to our newest members, Fedd and Nubbins!
Hopefully we will see you on the website soon enough!

Rare Spawn!

Maltalora, Mar 31, 12 9:24 AM.
Snacks has caught a rare spawn gorilla on his hunter O:

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Maltalora, Mar 29, 12 8:30 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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